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How to Identify Asbestos in Older Homes

ASREM Blog: How to Identify Asbestos in Older Homes

Many older homes in Australia may contain asbestos-containing materials, posing potential health risks to residents. Identifying asbestos in these properties is crucial for ensuring safety. In this guide, we will provide valuable insights into recognizing asbestos in older homes and the importance of professional assistance.

Visual Inspection

  1. Roofing: Examine roofing materials for corrugated sheets, shingles, or flat cement-like panels. Asbestos-containing roofing may appear weathered, with visible cracks or damage.
  2. Walls and Ceilings: Check for textured paints or coatings, particularly in older homes built before the 1990s. Asbestos was often added for its fire-resistant properties.
  3. Flooring: Some older vinyl and linoleum flooring may contain asbestos. Look for vinyl sheets with a felt-like backing or linoleum with a patterned surface.
  4. Pipes and Insulation: Inspect insulation around pipes and heating systems. Asbestos insulation can appear as loose, fluffy material or wrapped around pipes.

Professional Assessment

While visual inspection can provide clues, asbestos-containing materials are not always easy to identify. Engaging a licensed asbestos assessor is essential for a comprehensive evaluation. They will conduct asbestos testing, taking samples and sending them to a certified laboratory for analysis.

DIY Versus Professional Removal

If asbestos is confirmed, never attempt removal yourself. DIY asbestos removal is illegal and dangerous. Instead, hire a licensed asbestos removalist. They have the expertise and equipment to safely remove and dispose of asbestos materials following strict regulations.

Identifying asbestos in older homes is critical for safeguarding your health and the well-being of your family. If you suspect asbestos or plan renovations in an older property, consult with professionals experienced in asbestos management. Our expertise in residential asbestos removal will ensure a safe, thorough assessment and removal, providing peace of mind and a healthier living environment.