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ASREM stands as the leading authority when it comes to the safe and responsible removal of asbestos. Family owned & run, Brisbane South East Queensland based with over two decades of experience, our highly qualified and licensed team are committed to safeguarding the homes and businesses of Brisbane residents.

As a trusted name in asbestos removal & asbestos disposal, we understand the unique challenges posed by asbestos-containing materials in the home and business. All of our team here at Asrem are here to provide outstanding customer service and expert honest advice to every client, every time, ensuring the safe removal and disposal of asbestos materials. Asrem provide ASBESTOS TESTING & ANALYSIS services to detect the exact type of asbestos we are dealing with. We offer services through Brisbane Southside and Northside, West Suburbs, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and the Sunshine coast.

Asbestos Specialists Brisbane

ASREM specialises in removing two distinct forms of asbestos, each requiring a unique approach for safe and efficient removal.

Friable Asbestos Removal

Friable asbestos is a material containing asbestos that, when dry, exists in powder form or can be easily crushed or pulverized by hand pressure. This substance presents a heightened risk as it can release airborne asbestos fibers more readily.

Non-Friable Asbestos Removal

Non-friable asbestos encompasses all forms of asbestos except the friable variant. This category includes asbestos cement sheeting and other materials where asbestos fibers are securely bonded into a matrix. Although non-friable asbestos is generally stable, it may become friable if damaged or degraded, resulting in a higher risk of fiber release.

Why Choose ASREM Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Our team is comprised of highly trained and certified expertin asbestos removal, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service while adhering to strict safety standards & guidelines. We take pride in our ability to handle projects seamlessly across residential, commercial, and industrial environments, executing each job with meticulous care and precision.

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