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When it’s time to demolish a structure that contains asbestos, trust ASREM to provide comprehensive asbestos demolition and removal services. We understand the unique challenges that come with demolishing asbestos-containing buildings and are dedicated to ensuring the safety of both workers and the environment. With our expertise and commitment to compliance, you can move forward with your demolition project confidently.  Asrem also offer their expertise in non-structural demolition services for non-asbestos projects in residential, commercial, and industrial. Non-structural demolition involves the removal of interior installations while leaving the main structures intact and untouched, similar to a strip-out. Unlike hard demolition, soft strip outs do not completely destroy the structure of a building. Soft strip demolition preserves the structure of a building by only removing specific elements and fixtures externally or internally. This process is also known as deconstruction or strip-out solutions.

Safe, Efficient and Responsible Demolition

ASREM’s asbestos demolition and removal process begins with a thorough assessment of the structure to identify and assess asbestos-containing materials. Our certified fully licensed, experienced professionals create a specialised removal plan that adheres to the strictest safety standards and environmental regulations.

Throughout the demolition process, our highly trained fully licensed team executes the removal with meticulous care and precision. We employ advanced techniques to safely contain and dispose of asbestos while minimising risks to workers and the surroundings.

If you’re planning a demolition project that involves asbestos, ASREM is your trusted partner for safe and compliant asbestos demolition and removal. We offer services through Brisbane Northside and Southside, West Suburbs, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and the Sunshine coast. Request your Free Quote online today or Call us on 07 3392 0331 and experience the ASREM difference – your guaranteed assurance of a secure and responsible demolition project.

Demolish with Confidence and Precision

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