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Do Queenslander Style Houses Have Asbestos?

ASREM Blog: Do Queenslander Style Homes Have Asbestos?

Queenslander style houses are renowned for their charm and character. However, beneath the beauty of these iconic houses, there may lie a hidden danger: asbestos. In this article, we explore the presence of asbestos in older homes, shedding light on the risks and the importance of proactive measures.

The Asbestos Enigma

Asbestos, a versatile and fire-resistant material, was commonly used in construction until its dangers became known. Queenslander houses, often dating back several decades, may contain asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

3 Primary Risks Associated with Asbestos in Queenslander Houses

  1. Health Hazards: Asbestos fibers, when disturbed, can become airborne and pose serious health risks when inhaled.
  2. Renovation Risks: Asbestos in Queenslander homes can be disturbed during renovations or repairs, putting occupants at risk.
  3. Legal Obligations: Property owners have a legal responsibility to manage asbestos risks in their homes.

Identifying Asbestos in Queenslander Houses

  • Asbestos Testing: Professional asbestos testing is crucial to identify ACMs in your Queenslander home.
  • Common Locations: Asbestos is often found in roofing, cladding, eaves, and fences of these homes.

Protecting your home and loved ones from asbestos risks is paramount. ASREM offers expert asbestos inspection, testing, and removal services tailored to Queenslander style houses. Don’t leave the safety of your cherished property to chance. If you own or plan to buy a Queenslander, asbestos awareness is key. Contact ASREM today for comprehensive asbestos inspection and management services. Safeguard your beloved home from hidden asbestos risks.