Specialists in Asbestos Removal and Management, ASREM has 20 years experience servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. ASREM is a licenced and certified Asbestos Removalist team focussed on providing a service that is delivered to the highest safety standards.

Do I need to evacuate my house/premises during the removal process?

Yes, ASREM highly recommends evacuating the premises during the removal process.


Will the area undergoing removal need to be encapsulated?

Yes, ASREM standard safety procedure is to seal off all work areas whilst the removal process is undertaken.


Are all works performed under the National Standard Codes of Practice?

YES. ALL ASREM works are performed in accordance with the current national Work Health & Safety Standards and Codes of Practice. Safe Work Method Statements and a Job Safety Analysis and Waste Transport Certificates will be supplied if requested by the client.


How are existing materials identified as being Asbestos?

ASREM will undergo professional NATA approved 3rd party sample testing of any unidentifiable materials to determine its nature.


How will the asbestos be disposed of once removed?

ASREM disposes of all asbestos materials using only EPA Registered waste bins and vehicles.


How much will it cost and when can it be done?

ASREM pricing is highly competitive amongst the market. Removal costs are determined according to the quantity of asbestos to be removed. ASREM provide free ‘no obligation’ quotes and honest advice is always given. Removal works will be commenced within 5 – 7 days upon acceptance of quotation, or sooner. Emergency works can be done within 24 hours, or earlier.


Are all ASREM staff licenced to perform asbestos removal works?

YES. ALL ASREM staff are trained experts in this field and hold current licences and accreditations required to perform the removal, disposal and transportation of bonded and friable asbestos.


Is ASREM a licences Asbestos Removal Company?

YES, ASREM is a Licenced Certified Asbestos Removal Company and are fully compliant with the current Work Place Health & Safety Standards and Codes of Practice.


Does ASREM have Public & Property Liability Insurance cover?

YES, ASREM hold current up to date Public and Property Liability Insurance cover.


Who is the best Asbestos Removal Company in Brisbane?

OK, we are biased, ASREM Pty Ltd, but don’t take our word for it, check our testimonials page.